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Navigating the Pre-action Protocol in Cyprus

The Cypriot legal system has introduced the Civil Procedure Pre-action Protocol to enhance the dispute resolution process. Connor Legal delves into the heart of these changes, outlining how they foster a more cooperative legal landscape.

Objectives of the New Pre-action Protocol in Cyprus

  • Promote Early Resolution: The protocol encourages the exchange of information early on to enable settlement before litigation becomes necessary.
  • Streamline Proceedings: Efficient management of legal actions is supported when parties adhere to the set guidelines.
  • Encourage Compliance: The court upholds the protocol strictly, with potential sanctions for non-adherence.

When to Follow the Protocol

  • Exemptions: Urgent claims and imminent limitation deadlines can bypass the protocol.
  • Sanctions for Non-compliance: The court may penalize parties that proceed without just cause or fail to provide essential information.

Steps for Pre-action Conduct

  • Information Exchange: Sharing documents and acknowledging claims are pivotal to avoiding litigation.
  • Negotiation and Settlement: The protocol endorses settlement discussions before filing a lawsuit.
  • Use of Experts: Jointly engaging an agreed expert can save costs and minimize disputes over expert evidence.

Benefits of Adherence

  • Cost-Effectiveness: By following the protocol, parties save on unnecessary legal expenses.
  • Efficient Legal Process: Compliance streamlines litigation, should it proceed.
  • Judicial Approval: The court considers adherence to the protocol favorably, impacting decisions on claims and costs.

The Role of Communication

  • Acknowledging Receipt: The protocol defines the timeline for postal communication, with the 10th day post-posting deemed as received.
  • Expert Reports: The necessity and recoverability of expert report costs are at the court’s discretion.


Connor Legal emphasizes that the Cypriot Civil Procedure Pre-action Protocol marks a significant shift towards a more collaborative approach to dispute resolution. This proactive measure aligns with our firm’s ethos of resolving conflicts efficiently and amicably. For tailored advice on adhering to these new standards, reach out to our expert legal team.

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