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How We Charge

Compared to most Cypriot law firms, our charging structure is more flexible, and our fees are considerably lower. This is due to our specialized approach, which focuses on industry-specific issues and avoids the traditional model of assigning teams of fee earners to cases. As a result, we do not charge high hourly rates, nor do we impose time recording targets or inefficient duplication among lawyers. 

Our hourly rates are highly competitive, regardless of the scale or complexity of the matter at hand. With our vast experience, our clients benefit from senior partner expertise at every stage, unlike some law firms where partners delegate to junior lawyers or trainees with limited or no real experience.

We offer various fee structures, such as fixed and lump-sum fees, success fee structures for arbitration work, fee collars, capped fees, and sliding scale fees for larger disputes. We also work for clients on monthly retainers and offer all-inclusive day rates and contingency arrangements, such as “No Win No Fee.” 

Our goal is to make a fair profit, not an excessive one.

Our goal is to help people in the best and most practical way possible. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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