Counterfeits in Cyprus

Tackling Counterfeits in Cyprus

Counterfeit products have been a growing concern globally, and Cyprus is no exception. As a leading law firm in Cyprus, Connor Legal is dedicated to providing expert advice and robust solutions to businesses and individuals confronting the challenge of counterfeits. This article provides an overview of the legal measures available in Cyprus to combat counterfeits.

Understanding Counterfeits

Counterfeit products are unauthorized replicas or imitations of the original product. These fake products infringe on the rights of trademark holders, leading to revenue loss and potential damage to the brand’s reputation.

Legal Framework in Cyprus

Cyprus has a robust legal framework in place to tackle counterfeits:

  1. Trademarks Law (Cap. 268): This law provides for the registration, protection, and enforcement of trademarks. Owners can take legal action against counterfeiters under this law.
  2. Copyright Law (Law No. 59/1976): While primarily focused on artistic and literary works, this law also covers products like software, which can be counterfeited.
  3. Customs & Excise Department: They have the power to seize counterfeit goods at Cyprus’s borders, ensuring that they don’t make their way into the market.

Steps to Combat Counterfeits:

  1. Trademark Registration: Ensure that your brand, logo, or product is registered as a trademark in Cyprus. Registration provides a clear legal advantage when enforcing rights against counterfeiters.
  2. Vigilance: Regularly monitor the market and online platforms to detect any counterfeit products. Engage in periodic market surveys and utilize online monitoring tools.
  3. Collaboration: Collaborate with Cyprus’s Customs & Excise Department. Provide them with relevant information about your products, so they can identify and seize counterfeits at the borders.
  4. Legal Action: Should you identify counterfeiters, engage a reputable law firm, like Connor Legal, to take prompt legal action. This could involve sending cease and desist letters, initiating court proceedings, or seeking injunctive relief.
  5. Public Awareness: Educate your consumers about the dangers of counterfeit products and how to identify genuine products. An informed consumer base can be a significant deterrent against counterfeits.

The Role of Connor Legal

At Connor Legal, we take counterfeits seriously. Our expert team can guide you through:

  • Trademark Registrations: Ensuring that your intellectual property is adequately protected.
  • Legal Strategy: Devising a plan to monitor, detect, and tackle counterfeit products.
  • Enforcement: Taking stringent legal action against counterfeiters to safeguard your brand’s reputation and revenue.


Counterfeits are more than just cheap imitations; they pose a threat to businesses in terms of revenue and reputation. In Cyprus, the law provides robust measures to combat these threats. However, being proactive and partnering with a knowledgeable law firm like Connor Legal can ensure that you’re always one step ahead of counterfeiters.

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