New Cyprus Civil Procedure Rules come into force

In a move set to significantly reshape the legal landscape in Cyprus, the new Civil Procedure Rules are due to come into force on the 1st of September 2023. These new regulations will apply to all cases filed after this date, marking a watershed moment in Cypriot jurisprudence.

Interestingly, the new rules have already begun to take effect for several higher courts, including the new Court of Appeal of Cyprus, the Supreme Constitutional Court, and the Supreme Court. These prestigious judicial bodies adopted the new Civil Procedure Rules on the 3rd of July 2023. Since then, appeals have been filed under the new regulations, making use of the new forms introduced by these rules.

A key element in the new set of regulations is Part 60, titled “Old court proceedings”. This part deals with transitional arrangements and the exercise of discretion. Specifically, Part 60.1 dictates that these regulations, which took effect on 3rd July 2023 for the Court of Appeal, will apply from 1st September 2023 for other jurisdictions. Importantly, these rules won’t apply to special procedures or jurisdictions with specific procedural regulations unless those regulations refer to the new Civil Procedure Rules.

Furthermore, Part 60.2 provides guidance on the exercise of discretion by tribunals in proceedings initiated before these rules came into effect. It allows the tribunal to take into account the principles laid out in these rules, specifically Part 1, which concerns the overriding objective and duty of a court to manage cases, and Part 30, covering ordinary claims.

In conclusion, the enactment of the new Civil Procedure Rules in Cyprus is anticipated to significantly streamline legal proceedings and contribute to more efficient justice delivery. It is an exciting development that the legal community and citizens alike will keenly watch. This development is indeed a testament to Cyprus’s progressive legal reform efforts, promising a new era in its judicial history.


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